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What is an All Star Cheerleader and what does it take to become one?

All-Star cheerleading is a very competitive sport that is on the extreme level of cheer, versus sideline cheerleading. Being on an ALL-Star cheerleading team, you are the team! There is no specific group that you are cheering for. Majority of the time is spent in the gym tumbling and stunting, and during competition season, you are strictly competiting.

How do I know what Tumbling Level I am?


When you are able to throw these skills without a spot:


Level 1

No experience, back walk - over, front walkover, cartwheel, round off, etc.


Level 2

Standing back handspring, round off back handspring and any specialty passes.


Level 3

Standing multiple back handsprings, round - off back handspring back tuck and any specialty passes.


Level 4
Standing tuck, round - off back handspring layout and any specialty passes.


Level 5

Multiple jumps to tuck, round - off backhand spring full and any specialty passes. Standing handsprings to a full/double full and specialty passes to a full/double full.

What are the age requirements, divisions and levels?

The age requirements for All-Star cheerelading can start as small as 5 years old! This would put the kids in a mini or tiny division. Depending how advanced their skill level is, they can compete where majority of their team skill set lies.

How many competitions in one season?

During an All-Star cheer season, you can look forward to competing anywhere from 7-10 times. Unless you are competing on the "modified fullyear", you may compete 4-5 times a season.

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